The Gurley Cumberland Presbyterian Church is part of the Cumberland Presbyterian Ministries. From its earliest beginnings as one of the three original churches established in Gurley Alabama in 1892, the Presbyterian Church has played an integral role in the religious and educational development of the community. The original church site was on Church Street where the Doug Hereford home now stands.

During the early 1900’s as the Presbyterian reformation occurred across the country, members of the Gurley denomination were also discussing church government. Growing dissatisfaction, seemingly irreconcilable differences with the Presbyterian USA faction, and an injunction barring CP’s from holding services in their present church site led to the decision to erect a new building.

The present structure was built in 1912 on the “Garden Spot” property donated by Postmaster Cobb under the guidance of building committee members A. E. Smith, Henry Smith, J. D. Champion, and Dr. Graham. The church was dedicated on May 4th 1912. The Gurley C.P. congregation in conjunction with Robert Donnell Presbytery was instrumental in donating/deeding land to the State for the Madison County High School. The donation of the land and building facilitated the establishment of a female college in Gurley.

We are all proud of the significant contribution made by the Gurley C. P. Church and take great pride in the outstanding leadership it has exhibited and in the beautiful example of architecture it represents. For 100 years it has been standing as a shining example of Gods work in a small town and hopefully will continue to do so for several hundred more years.