Church Leadership

Erica Everett, member since 2006, age 30+


I was invited to the GCP church by a dear friend in 2002. I fell in love with the close knit group of people and felt immediately accepted as a part of the church family. I actually met my husband at GCPC during the first service I attended. We have now been married 8 years and have 2 children. I feel blessed to be raising my family in church, and love that my kids beg to go and see their friends. This is my first year to serve on the session and I look forward to the experience.

Mike Bradley, member since 1985, age 40+


I’ve been coming to this church for about 30 years now, and have been a member for 28 years. I have seen it grow from about 30 members to almost 75 members to date. My little church does a lot for our community and contributes to organizations all over the world. I’m very proud to be a member and to serve as an Elder. We are doing great things to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.

Tommy Williams, member since 1995, age 60+


Becoming an Elder and a member of the Session is the ultimate step in our membership in the Gurley Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Here is a little background information about me: my family moved here from Texas when I was named chairmen of the political science department at UAH. I was hurt in an accident in 1980 and suffered a severe concussion, lost sight in one eye, and dislocated my shoulder. Also, my wife and I didn’t attend church on a regular basis in Huntsville.

When we moved to the farm on Little Cove Road in 1987, we began to look for a church to attend. We attended one church in Gurley, but it was if we were outsiders. My wife owned and ran a gift shop in Gurley; I asked her which church many of her Gurley customers attended. It turned out that several, Jane, Sherry, Trena, and Francis attended the Gurley Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

We started attending the church and several years later I was asked to teach the adult Sunday school class by one of the ladies of the church. Now we have two other people co-teaching the class: Rahonda and Bill.

At one Sunday service I felt the call and Ann, my wife, and I went down front. I was later baptized by Reverend Bynum. Therefore, becoming an Elder is the final step in our association with this wonderful, friendly church.

Hayes Powers, member since 1957, age 60+


My mother and father were members of the Gurley Cumberland Presbyterian Church as well as my Grandfather and Grandmother Powers. I was raised in the Gurley C.P. Church. I married Trena Rice in 1976, and we decided to continue to attend the Gurley C.P. Church.

I have had the experience of serving as an Elder on a rotating basis over a number of years. This has provided me the opportunity to watch the church change and grow. One thing that has remained constant is the church motto: “Gurley Cumberland Presbyterian Church – The Friendly Church”.

I would like to welcome anyone to our worship services; I think you will find a very warm and loving atmosphere.

Lisa Johnson


My husband and I were looking for a church where we would feel comfortable. We started joining in on some of the church activities that were being held back in 2010, like the Valentine’s Banquets, Christmas Parties, and such. We started attending church services in the Spring of 2011, officially became members in January 2012, and I became an Elder of the Church January 2013.

The Gurley CP church family made me feel like I belonged from the first activity that I participated in. I feel that our church is the true definition of a church family in every way, I cannot imagine my life without this church family now.

Please come and visit our church if you are looking for a true church family.


Beth Spin, Treasurer, member since 1990


I have been an active member for 23 years and have served as treasurer for over 12 years. Being an Army brat and traveling all over the world I have had the opportunity to experience many different types of church services. After college I found the Gurley Cumberland Presbyterian Church and have been a member ever since. As Treasurer, I have been blessed to observe firsthand the incredible work the Lord has accomplished through this church.

Becky Arnold, Session Clerk, member since 1990


My mother began attending this church in the late 1980s and invited me to attend a service with her.  The people were incredibly friendly and welcoming.  I joined the church in 1990 and became the Session clerk in 1996 responsible for documenting the regularly held meetings of the Session.  Attending these meetings has shown me how committed each elder is to our church and our outreach activities.  Each member of our church has a heart for the Lord and each other.

Carol Ann Dean, Choir Director


I have a music/voice and an elementary/secondary education degree. I have two boys and one grandson with another grandchild due in October of 2013. I professionally teach voice and piano lessons to students of all ages when I’m not directing the choir.

I originally started working with the GCPC choir at Christmas on their cantatas. In 2010, the church leadership asked me to be the choir director. We are a small choir but God has blessed our church with very talented members. We strive to bring praise and honor to God with our music.


Inactive Elders

Buck Fowler, member since 1986, age 60+


I’m thankful for everyday, even those where the blessings have to be looked for.

I moved to Gurley, greater metropolitan Gurley, (Big M Acres) in 1979, and then on to suburban Gurley in 1990, and that is wonderful story in itself, THANK YOU Jane Pearson! I am an Elder in this church, third or fourth rotation, and each time it becomes more of a blessing. That is because the longer that I am a member of this body the more I love it.

We have the kindest, most generous, and loving membership of ANY church that I have ever attended. The term “CHURCH FAMILY” really means something in this body, we will love you as much as you will let us. Our family has many origins, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Church of Christ, other branches of the Presbyterian Church, all sinners saved by Grace. We all bring varying life experiences, gifts, opinions, and points of view, and we can all share them in the love of God. Great things happen at the Gurley Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Beth Barfield, member since 2011, age 40+


My husband, two kids and I were in search of a church when we first visited the Gurley CP Church in November of 2010. Having been raised Catholic, I was a bit hesitant at first. We found not only a place of worship, but also a welcoming congregation that has become an extended family to us.

I have been an elder since 2012. As an elder, I have the opportunity to be involved in all the decisions that affect the church. I would like to personally welcome anyone reading this to stop by for a Sunday service or a Wednesday evening meal/prayer time.

Labon “Pete” Everett, member since 1990, age 60+


My wife, two children and I have attended Gurley Cumberland Presbyterian Church for over 20 years. We moved from the Big Cove Cumberland Presbyterian Church where we had been members since the mid 1970s.

My family has proudly supported the Cumberland Presbyterian faith for many years. I am happy to be a part of this church FAMILY. I feel humbled and honored to be in my second rotation as an elder. It is my wish that community members and neighbors might share in the joy of fellowship and worship that we weekly enjoy at our church.

Bill Rawlins, member since 2010, age 65+


I began attending Gurley CP Church in 2007 after meeting my wife Linda. Linda and her two sons Graham and Allen Porter were already members and I was a member of another church in Huntsville. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of nineteen and had been active in the church since then, both in Louisville, KY and Huntsville, AL after moving here in 1982. When Linda and I married in September 2007, she and the boys attended Gurley CP Church but visited my church one Sunday a month and I likewise attended my church but visited Gurley one Sunday a month.

I found myself spending more and more time at Gurley and making many great friendships, finding we have many common interests. I was made to feel right at home and now my church is my extended family. I became an Elder at Gurley 2011, but had previously served as an elder for many years in the Independent Christian Church, so was familiar with the office of the elder. I also lead the singing during our worship service on Sunday mornings, sing in the choir and team teach the adult bible school class every third week. I greatly enjoy the family friendliness of the bible school class, which was one of the main reasons I moved my membership to the Gurley CP Church. This same friendly atmosphere is extended to our Wednesday night fellowship dinners and service. I wish to extend my personal invitation to join us at any of our services and perhaps you too will develop new close friendships like I did.

RaChel Rhodes, member since 2009, age 60+


Hi, I’m RaChel Rhodes and I started attending the Gurley Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 2009.  It is no exaggeration to say that God, through this congregation, has saved my life in more ways than one. God brought me to them at a time when I was very needy, terribly lonely, and battling a severe chronic medical illness.

My son, Jae, had been attending CPC for a while and was always asking me to come to church with him. I finally agreed to go with him and was amazed at the warmth and concern the congregation exhibited toward me. Since then I have been part of this God praising and loving church family.

I have had the opportunity to work with the church missionary programs and to serve in the position of church elder. I know the members and preacher,Toy Brindley, are here to help with any need we have, and I praise and thank God daily for blessing me to be a  part of his wonderful church of Christ family.