My name is Toy Brindley (yeah, Toy, it’s a family thing) and I am the pastor of the Gurley Cumberland Presbyterian Church. I graduated from Memphis Theological Seminary in May, 2000. My wife Karen and our daughter Kaitlin and I moved to Gurley in July of 2000. Kaitlin married in June 2012 and she and Neil are expecting their first child in time for Thanksgiving 2013!

I can truly say how blessed I have been to be the pastor of such a loving and caring group of folks. Over the years I have had the distinct privilege of watching the church grow, not only numerically but in the Spirit of the Lord as well. As pastor, the congregation has allowed me to become a part of their personal lives as we have witnessed together the joys of life and those life-changing moments that we will always remember together.

It goes without saying that we as a church love to be with one another and look forward to those moments when we are able to fellowship with one another, particularly if there is food involved. For me as a pastor it is a fantastic sight to see how we truly love one another as a family and not just as those who attend worship together.

Please let me take this opportunity to invite you to worship and fellowship with the Gurley Cumberland Presbyterian Church family. We love because He first loved us.