Member Testimony

Mike Barfield (age 40+), member since 2011:
GCPC is very special to me and my family. We moved to the Gurley area several years ago and it was just my family living here, the four of us. GCPC is a wonderful place to worship God but it also has an exceptional church family. The members of the church are not only friends they are an extension of our family. GCPC has been a blessing to me and my family and if you are trying to find a home church you should give this one a try.

Linda Rawlins (age 50+), member since 2007
         Fellowship joins friends,
         Happy music lifts the air ─
         Most joyously shared

Megan Barfield (age 10+), member since 2011
I like going to this church because everyone is always so friendly. Also, during passing of the peace everyone shakes hands except for some people like Buck and Mrs. Nancy who give me hugs. Our church does puppets and the kids get to sit in the front pew. On Wednesdays we come and have dinner in the annex. Mrs. Karen and Mrs. Sherry play the piano for our songs but sometimes me, Jae, and Jeffery get to play for the church.

Erica Everett (age 30+), member since 2006
I grew up in a church family, but as I got older, I drifted away due to politics within that church. It eventually caused me to lose faith in organized religion. Years later, a friend invited me to the GCPC and I immediately felt comfortable. I decided to continue visiting, but did not feel pressure to do anything until I was ready.

I am grateful that I was able to reestablish my walk with God in my time, while enjoying friendships with a church family. I not only found friendships at GCPC, but I also met my husband there and we have started a family of our own. The love of the people in the GCPC has supported us through a business start-up, a wedding, the birth of two children and most recently my reaffirmation. I am so grateful that I have been able to rebuild my faith in church and raise my children in a family of believers.

Sherry Fowler (age 60+), active since 1985
I have been playing the piano at the GCPC for many years. Jane Pearson asked me to start playing and I have enjoyed being a part of this church so much. It is as much “Family” as my real one. My daddy (who likes to visit as much as possible) says, “you all have something going on at that church all the time and it always has something to do with eating!”

This church has been an anchor for me through many life changes. We share each other’s sorrows as well as our joys. It is a home away from home. If we don’t happen to have a Wednesday gathering, it sure makes Sunday to Sunday seem like a long time not to fellowship with our friends and loved ones. We love our little ones. It’s so wonderful to hear little voices during services and know that Jesus said.”Suffer the little ones to come unto me.” The door is always open, welcoming anyone needing a church home and family.

Mike Bradley (age 40+), member since 1984
I started going to the Gurley C.P. Church back in 1981 because of a girl I met (the preachers daughter) while working at Red Lobster. She asked me to go and listen to her father preach and meet some of the members. Well, I guess you could say I liked everything about the church because I eventually joined and married the preacher’s daughter. My father-in-law has retired but still remains an active member. The members of our church are like none other, we are a true church family. Because we have such a variety of backgrounds, we can have some very good discussions and walk away shaking hands, or give a hug as we often do! The thing I like most about my church is when one of our members is sick or in need, our church members pull together and takes care of them like family should.